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Thanks George, 
I'll give it a go then.

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Hi Sharon,
If the external speaker you have is approved to work with a Walkman,
then all being well, it SHOULD work with the BookCourier.
Now I will add a proviso to that, provided you bought it from ourselves
If it breaks your BookCourier, we'll replace it, provided you return
both the BookCourier AND the speaker for the Walkman to us.  (And we'll
refund your postage)   We'll return the speaker, but would just like the
opportunity to find out WHY it broke to BC.
However, if the speaker works with the Walkman, I am 95% certain it will
be O.K. with the B.C.
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I am sure I read in the manual that an external loudspeaker can be
connected to the Book Courier.  Am I correct, and if so, is there any
special one I need.  I do have one that was for a walkman, and was
unsure whether to use it or not.
I have only had my book courier for about three weeks, and absolutely
love it, the last thing I want to do is break it!
Many thanks as usual for everyone's help on this list.


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