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Hi Clive -

It's an audio file format conversion programme, I have it, and am not a fan, I 
bought it to convert Audible content to MP3, but I  could only get it to 
convert in real time, so it took hours to convert anything. Now I have the 
Audible software on my phone, I no longer have need for this kind of 
conversion. As far as I know though, Sound Taxi is the only software that makes 
it possible to create a hard copy of Audible books, through it's slow 
conversion. Not sure how legal this is, as Audible files are protected 

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  Hello all,

  I'm fairly new to the list, and until I jumped into the middle of the thread, 
I'd never heard of Sound Taxi.  Please can someone explain what it does? You 
may wish to explain off list so as not to bug those who don't need to go 
through what to them will be old news.


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  Cheers, I thought that may be the case.




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  Hi Sharon.


  In a word, no, this isn't possible.


  All the best, Ibrahim.

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    Does anyone know if there is a way Sound Taxi can stop converting a file, 
and continue where it left off later on, such as the next day.





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