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Hi Andy,


Yes, they will replace a key, but you can't use it on both machines.  You
can contact them at support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


All the best





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I don't think this is the case with Sound Taxi; I've just looked on their
website, and there doesn't seem a way to contact them, and actually when you
make a purchase, for an extra couple of quid, they offer to hold the
programme for you for one year, in the event that you need to download it
again, so I don't think they would be sympathetic in the case where a
computer had died, and the programme was required on a replacement machine -



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Hi Andy.


You'll need to contact sound taxi support as once a registration key has
been activated, it can not be used on a different system.  Provide them with
your order number and they'll provide you with a replacement key within a
day or so.



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Hi all -


I had this programme on my Desk Top and have now put it on my Laptop, but it
wants a license code, but I only seem to have an activation code. Is this
programme tied to just one machine? Surely it should be transferable like
Goldwave and DVD Audio Extractor!-



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