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Thanks, a very helpful contribution.

The MZ B100 is aimed at dictation type situations, or someone who 
wants to record a metting and forget about the machine.  For what 
Andy stated he wanted it for, maybe it serves the purpose.

I didn't know the Iriver had been revieweed on MM, but I'll take 
a look.  trust it wasn't too recently as the archives haven't 
been kept up-to-date to regularly recently.

As for the Nagra Suneil mentioned, well that is a prof. machine, 
as befits the Beeb.  At the same level there is also the Marantz 
PMD 670 solid state recorder, but that cannot be had for less 
than around £650.00.

Let's hope someone comes up with a slimmed down Plextor recorder 
in future with just card recording and in-built accesssability.

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Hi Ray,

I also think the Iriver IHP140 Hard Disk player will do what Andy 
wants.  It
is also accessible to some degree.  Please see the review that 
Michael Lang
did on Main Menu, http://www.acbradio.org/mainmenu.html, of the 
IHP100.  Do
a JAWS or Window-Eyes search on that page for Iriver and you will 
find it.
The latest model is the same, but it has a 40 GB hard disk. 
Michael does
show us how to record with it too.  Michael always does excellent 
and this is no exception.  Go take a look, if you are really 

Incidentally, for those interested, if you want real quality 
recording, you
ain't gonna get it for 200 quid.  The MZB100, while accessible, 
falls short,
because it only has automatic recording levels, and so does the 
Sunil's player that he talked about for 600 quid, is certainly 
reasonable, for a high quality recording machine.

Just my two pence worth, but I rejected the MZB100, because I 
didn't like
its auto recording level.  I have just ordered the Iriver, but 
not for
recording, but I will try the auto level, and see if it is any 

All the best


Original message.

Looks as if you are going for the MZ B100 which is the closest
you will get to having an 'afordable' MD recorder that's much
more usable than the run-of-the-mill portables.  I am not sure on
this, but I am almost certain that Sony, even to this day, do not
allow for high speed transfer FROM MD to your computer via USB.
You can do it the other way around.  I do not know what Sonic
Stage, or whatever will allow precisely, but I think its a case
of matterial being counted on and off external machines when
using with a PC.

You and others maybe interested inthe the following about the
Edirol R1.  This is a realtime MP3 player/recorder, which can
also record raw wav files too.  Its pretty exspensive at around
£280.00.  What we really need is something along the lines of the
memory card/CD recorder who's name I cannot think of just now.
If only we could have such a talking device, minus the CD writer,
I feel this really would be a good replacement for the trusty old
APH recorder.  Anyway here's details of the R1.

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Searching for the highest recording quality in a portable device?
The Edirol R-1 combines a portable MP3 player with a high-quality
MP3/WAV recorder that will suit both audio professionals as well
as musicians. Top-grade components have been used in the R-1,
which can record/ playback at crystal-clear, 24-bit audio
resolution without compression.

Audio recorded on the R-1 is stored as stereo files directly onto
removable CompactFlashT cards, allowing for maximum flexibility
in recording time. Up to nine format-quality modes are provided,
ranging from 64~320kbps MP3 compression to 24-bit linear WAV
format. Electrolytic capacitors provide stable, reliable power to
the analogue circuits, eliminating DC interference and supplying
low-distortion sound.

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