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Now, Steve, we won't ask what's on offer from you but, seriously, have you 
anything new we probably haven't seen before?

Fishing, of course!  But we do have to decide how we spend our money!


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  Oh well Ray glad I still have the element of surprise. (smile.)  Thank you so 
very much for doing the work for me on this occasion. (smile.)

  Seriously, thanks.


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    Jackie, I'm surprised at you!  First Google hit reveals:

      a.. Apple Mac 
      b.. British Computer Association of the Blind 
      c.. Computer Room Services 
      d.. Dolphin 
      e.. Humanware 
      f.. Professional Vision Services Ltd 
      g.. RNIB 
      h.. Sight and Sound 
      i.. The Force Ten Co Ltd 
      j.. The Speech Centre 
      k.. Visualeyes
    On the day
    All ages are welcome. The event is free and there is no need to register. 
Open from 10-4 on Tuesday 18 March.

    The exhibitions are held in Central London at our Judd Street headquarters, 
105 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9NE. Directions to Judd Street

    While you are at Judd Street why not visit the Resource Centre, located on 
the ground floor. You will find helpful staff and a range of additional products

    From Ray 
    I can be contacted off-list at: 

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      Hi All

      I know there is a Solutions to Computing event on Tuesday 18 March at 
RNIB Judd Street between 10 and 4.  Who, in addition to Computer Room Services, 
will be exhibiting or demonstrating there does anyone know?  We kind of fancied 
a jaunt down to London, and wondered who is going to be attending.

      My son and I will need to be on our best behaviour there though as, last 
time we went, we found these battery-powered pepper and salt holders.  Well ... 
let's just say that when we tried them out, there was real pepper in one of 
them and it went everywhere! (chuckle.)


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