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A bit more news on this VIPlayer.  It's currently in pre-production but will 
eventually retail for £175.  It has 4GB on board memory and can also take SD 
cards up to 8 gig.  They're currently working on getting more daisy 
functionality into it and it's already registered as an Audible player.  

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> We've all been talking about the Victor Stream, seemingly being launched 
> about now, but I hear now of the Vi-Player?  Seems Calibre have had a hand in 
> its development, but it is another portable MP3 player.
> Seems we might find out something in the Reading Room at SV - (this curtasy 
> of Terry What Not's site.
> Clicking on the link gives me a time out in Firefox, but this is what I've 
> gleaned from a Googled cashed page.
>   _____  
> Company philosophy
> SAKS Electronics was specifically formed to design, manufacture and 
> distribute the > "> VI-Player> "> . SAKS Electronics are a privately owned 
> British company and have worked with some of the best known names in the 
> industry to design the ultimate MP-3 player for visually impaired users. 
> Calibre Cassette Library have been heavily involved during the design and 
> manufacturing process of > "> VI-Player> ">  and this has given SAKS a unique 
> insight into the needs and requirements of visually impaired users. Also, due 
> to the user-friendly nature of the player the unit is ideal for all users who 
> may have deteriorating eyesight or just simply want an easy to use device for 
> playback of audio files.
> "> VI-Player> ">  will open up a whole world of MP-3 entertainment to all 
> users, audio files (whether they are music or audio-books) can be easily 
> loaded and played from either the internet or from existing libraries using 
> SD card technology. The voice-guidance software will guide you precisely 
> through the easy-to-use menu system and take you exactly to what you want to 
> listen to. The unique > "> Intelligent Pause/Resume> ">  function will ensure 
> you never lose your place while listening.
> At SAKS Electronics we have a passion for what we do > ->  and we believe you 
> will see this in our product. > "> VI-Player> ">  has been specifically 
> designed with the needs of visually impaired users in mind and offers the 
> very latest in technology whilst remaining easy to use.
> Innovation lies at our heart, we constantly challenge convention. Through 
> fresh thinking we are continually first with new ideas and products that 
> seize the initiative. Even as we> '> ve grown we have stayed innovative; 
> striving to create our next advance. This ensures you will always be offered 
> products that take full advantage of opportunities and technologies 
> available, > "> VI-Player> ">  is only the first product to be offered by 
> SAKS Electronics and over the coming years more new and exciting products 
> will be added.
> We are committed to working in partnership with experts > ->  knowing what 
> core skills are a part of SAKS, and refining these > ->  knowing what 
> expertise others have and working with them. We created > "> VI-player> ">  
> by listening to experts who know what users require and by using 
> manufacturers who are the best in their chosen field and have a commitment to 
> making the very best product possible. Innovation, partnership and commitment 
> to excellence > ->  three hallmarks of the way we approach business.
> (End of exstract)
> So, just another MP3 player?  Or what?
> Yours, intrigued.
> From Ray
> I can be contacted off-list at:
> mailto:ray-48@xxxxxxxx

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