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  • Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 22:14:52 +0100

Hi Andy,
It's a miracle it runs at all with only 256 Megs in it.
Is the machine connected to the internet, and set up for automatic
updates and such like?  It could well be that updates have added
services and such like pushing the memory to its absolute limits.
It might be worth looking into the cost of extra memory, if it's even
available now.


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Subject: [access-uk] Sluggish PC

Hi all -
A friend is running an xp service pack 3 machine. He's sighted, and
only really a lite user. His machine only has 256mb internal memory,
but was running ok until a few months ago, when everything slowed
down, and it started taking say about 2-3 minutes for programme to
load, or shut down. I got him to do a defrag and disc clean up, and
run antivirus software, but with no improvement to his problem
The machine is 8 years old. Is there anything else we might consider
that could help speed it up, or is the most likely problem a failing
motherboard in an old machine?
Like I say, it has never been heavily used, and use to perform at a
much more acceptible pace.
Thanks for any ideas shared -

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