[access-uk] Re: Slightly Off Topic: Tonights AD on Corry?

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  • Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 20:18:10 +0100

Hi: Is there anywhere to read reviews of AD programs with respect to
AD in particular? Either telly or films?

Steve Nutt writes:


To be honest, Sky do the best AD in my honest opinion. Concise and about
the right levels.

All the best


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Our audio description has been OK this week, apart from Wednesday when we
didn't get any. We have encountered the problem you describe, though, a
number of times and, yes, what a mess-up!

Carol P

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hello carol,

don't look forward to hearing coronation street with audio description to
much on saturday as unless they re-do the description before then then it
was a complete mess up.

it was shown with audio description on itv2 this morning and the first
quarter was fine but then the other 3 sections of the program repeated the
description from the first section which made it impossible to follow with
the description turned on.

i turned the description off and then turned it back on again each time it
broke for adverts only to find it was still repeating the discription from
the begining of the show.



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It was live and, presumably, they didn't feel able to do it. Well, I lost
chunks ... and some detail ... so we'll have to listen to the Saturday
morning omnibus. Sorry, Mike takes care of this so I'm not sure now exactly
when it is. <Smiles>

Carol P

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Subject: [access-uk] Slightly Off Topic: Tonights AD on Corry?

Hi All,

Did anyone else find that there was no AD on tonights one hour live episode
of Corry? I have a TVonics box with AD on and was watching ITV Border.



Les Smithson
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