[access-uk] Re: Skype and scripts?

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  • Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 07:12:50 +0100

Hi Alex,

Nope my archaic jfw doesn't work with this version of Skype but cheers anyway!


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  You can go to:

  the up-to-date scripts are version 504 however, the script writer has used 
newer versions of jaws other than 4.51 so I wouldn't like to say how well or 
otherwise they will work.  I use them with jaws 8.0.2173 and they are good and 
make skype much more accessible than it would be without them.  Hope this helps.

  skype name: grytpype2006
  windows live messenger name: alex.thynne 

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  Hi to all!

  Never used Skype, so decided to have a go! Are there jaws scripts for this 
version of Skype which is 3.5? I think? Went into skype propertys and it stated 
Skype 3.5 trademark so I'm guessing this is the version number? My jaws version 
is 4.51 old I know but it does the job most of the time! Thanks to all!



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