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If you have scripts for 3.8, ctrl+shift+w will take you to the Skype scripts 
webpage. All the information you need is there. Otherwise, go to 


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Steve, I've missed a lot on this one.  Where can I find jaws 10 scripts for 4.1?


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  Hi Jill,


  There are a couple of things to look out for.


    1.. In general options, set Skype to Classic Screens. 

    2.. Also in Options, there is an option that by default will put a blank 
line in a Skype chatt message. If you want the old behaviour, i.e. you call a 
contact by pressing enter, then just change this to Call When I Double Click. 

  Finally, in Options, Advanced, enable hotkeys, and define the ones you want 
to use, and you're good to go.


  All the best





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  I'm currently using Skype 3.8 and doing well with it, though I don't use the 
Skype watch facility.  I'm debating upgrading to 4 or 4.1 but I'm wondering 
what I need to be aware of as far as the accessibility is concerned.  In 3.8, I 
know how to do Skype text chats, host conferences, add contacts etc and if I 
can access all of that in 4, then I may upgrade.  Any help with this will be 
really appreciated.


  Using Jaws 10 with latest, or maybe recent update and Windows Vista Home 






  If you'd like to contact me through Windows Messenger or skype, please email 
me privately.  I'm interested in chatting to new people and old school friends 
from worcester, Hereford and anywhere else. 

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