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Hi Andy,

(I'd better say first that your HTML message came in as
black text on a black background.) 

Yes, it does look like this is Sky's answer to Freeview.
However, at £150 flat fee, on the face of it, it appears to
be a good deal.

What's more, THEY come along and fit it all up, so if it
doesn't work, they cannot force you to pay - can they?

By the way, do you have a proper digital aerial?  When we
got our first digibox, we had to have the aerial replaced.



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Hi George.
Are you perhaps thinking of subscribing yourself?  Pauline
and I have been thinking of subscribing to Sky but it's the
£30 or there abouts a month that is stopping us.  Is Freenet
the same as Freeview only using a satellite disk?  We
purchased a Freeview box for £50 from Argos only to discover
that it didn't work in our area.  But it really would be
nice to have a few extra channels.  At the moment, we only
get 1,2, itv and 4.
Best wishes.

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        Have any of you signed up for Sky's Freesat?
        For a one of flat fee of £150, you get a satellite
dish and all the necessary, installed.  
        They claim access to around 120 TV channels and a
lot more.
        And in their words:-
        Freesat from Sky gives access to a choice of some
fantastic TV and radio programmes on offer in the UK in
crystal clear digital quality. Whether it's keeping your
kids entertained or simply entertaining yourself, you'll
know where to find great entertainment whenever you need it.
Catch all your favourites from BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel4 and
five, plus great extra channels such as BBC3, BBC4, CNN,
Travel Channel and loads more. And with interactive services
including email, SMS text service, betting and online
shopping, you can do more than just watch. 
        More details at:-


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