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Sky + HD
Hi I like the blog. Great for those of us considering the move to HD.


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Subject: [access-uk] Sky + HD 

Hi. I've just got Sky + HD. I got it to increase the amount of programmes I 
could record. My girlfriend can see the menus but obviously I'm looking at how 
blind accessible it is. It seems substantially different from Sky + at first 
look which is potentially an issue for future blind customers as the HD box now 
comes as standard, as far as I'm aware. 

I couldn't find anything on Google about accessibility of Sky HD boxes for 
blind people so I have created a blog post to fill this gap. I've given it a 
really obvious googlable title so it's easy to find by blind people in future. 
If you have anything useful to add it'd be great if you could post it in the 
comments below. 

I've barely started using the box yet but will update this as my knowledge 
updates. Hopefully you or someone you know can help. Good to get this stuff on 
record and easily findable on the web. 

Here's my blog about it so far: 



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