[access-uk] Re: Sight Village: First Impressions

  • From: "Justin R" <mypc128@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 10:44:44 +0100

Hi Ray,

I was quite impressed with SV myself. The claridon suites are quite roomy although we did get caught in a lot of the crowds and was thankful for having a sighted guide that came with us from my local blind assoc. I have a lot of trouble navigating even smaller crowds of peoeple <sigh>. Well, i did miss out on a lot of things as, I'd like to have seen the apple mac screanreader and the note detector that Andrew spoke. i think the limitation was having a guide who was so brand new to guiding us plus, she was guiding the two of us.

Anyway, I did get to see a good few things. I was pleased to try out the current version of supernova which, seems to me to be very stable given that my past experiences with SN haven't been good. The guy there was very helpful and gave me and audio guide with their demo of sn. He was using a braille display which I was interested in seeing as, I've never seen one before and couldn't really imagine what one would look and how it would work with reference to computer navigation. I saw one or two CCTV come video magnifiers. Quite impressive really but, I feel these things can slow me down in reading and my reading isn't all that steady when scanning line to line of text. The pocket viewer was very interesting to see. I did think it was a little bulky for the pokect plus, it's farely heavy too! We did see a demo on Tag-it. Did anyone see this. The thing that looks like a pricing gun that will identify already tagged and named objects that have had info programmed into the tag via computer. I was impressed with that indeed although, i won't really need something like that. Despite frantically looking for the remote control, or a mislaid book etc. I did come across the RNIB talking book section RAy. I got to see the very thing I have on order, the victor vibe. When i looked at it I thought, oh no, all the buttons look the same! What is what here? I enlisted the help of one of the representatives who guided me through each button and its function. I'm really looking forward to receving my victor vibe even more than before!

Oh, did anyone see this scanner? it was being demostrated by a woman dressed in 12 century clothing, lol. Well, it's a book scanner reader doubled up as a daisy player. Pretty good really. I think it could get tiresome turning each page for scanning before the last lot has been spoken, very bulky too. However, the voices are very impressive, clear too. I did see mobile speak as well, I like the way the nokia menus are reformatted, only a tad easier to see but, they do appear tidy and give quicker access to the phone's functions. Saves trauling through menu after menu. I did see the easy reader scanner, like the daisy player scanner but smaller and the bierley mouse. I got some info I need to sort out and demo discs, product catalogues and info on blind computer users association? I'll have to look again at the disc i was given as, I can't quite remember.

I'm going back next year to try and cover what I've missed. I never got to see STeve at computer rooms services although, I came across Graham Longly's company, aspire consultancy, not technology as i mistakenly called it, lol. Blame it on a tired brain.


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