[access-uk] Sicky Sunday

  • From: "Ian Robinson" <ian228@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Chrissie Heydon \(home\)" <chrissie661@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 20:16:13 -0000

Hi Chrissie,


Well, did you get to Greece?  


If playing cards at Christmas gets too boring, you could always switch to a 
tarot pack!


I've had a virus that is doing the rounds recently, so have spent much of the 
last few days aching, shivering, sweating and feeling dizzy.  My main concern 
is that I am well enough to spend Christmas day with my dad.  He wouldn't want 
to go to my brother's house, so would end up on his own for much of the day.  


Needless to say that while I've been ill my dad wanted to come and look after 
me!  I know parents mean well, but I'm 43 years of age and have lived on my own 
for nearly 2 decades.  I think I can deal with a few days below par.


Other than that, there isn't really anything to report.  

I'll be glad when Christmas and New Year are over and done with, but then I 
always feel like that at this time of year.  


Anyway, I'm feeling very weary and slightly sick at the moment, so will be 
going to bed soon.


Hope you've managed to avoid these nasty bugs that are around.


With love and best wishes.




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