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Telewest only works if you ahve cable in your area.  As i say Plusnet do an 
unlimited package for £14.99 if you don't want other services like static IP 

Here are some links for you:

Plusnet: http://www.plus.net
Zen internet: http://www.zen.co.uk
Metranet: http://www.metranet.co.uk
Freedom To Serf: http://www.freedom2surf.net/

Bulldog is another one, but they don't have a 100% press rating: 

I use Andrews and Arnauld, http://www.aaisp.net.uk, but they are more of a 
business ISP really, and give more features in the way of IP addresses and 
tunnels etc, and most people aren't heavy downloaders.

I really wouldn't use Wanadoo, as everyone who has used them that I know of has 
had problems with their phone support, and I had real problems setting up one 
of their wireless packs for someone.

One other thing that people do if they are heavy downloaders is go with AOL (I 
don't know how much the broadband is, but they go with the simple package which 
doesn't give them many extra AOL features), and then use a router to allow them 
to connect without the rubbish software.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Andrew,
Thanks for that info. I have logged onto the plusnet site. They are
adequate, I suppose, but I still didn't like the fact that you are limited.
I also checked into Freeserve and, again, found that you are limited. Then I
came across Telewest and was very surprised. I liked them a lot. They
offered TV services, telephone services, and, hooray, unlimited broadband at
a very resonable price. Unfortunately, they didn't cover Helensburgh on the
firth of Clyde. I then checked on Virgin, which possibly does do
Helensburgh, but they too limit the user. I'm used to 10MB download speed
and no limit, so I might find being limited quite restrictive. At the moment
it looks like Freeserve, the wana do people will get my phone call later
next week. And what is this... Wanna do, anyway. Are they Australian? Some
kind of cross between a wallaby and a kangaroo?
Yes, I'm moving to Scotland. Well, someone has to take over from Rangers
manager, Alex McLeish and I aim to fill out an application.


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