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We used to have a cctv and vcr that recorded realtime rather than time lapse 
and that worked fine.  the new ones only seem to use time lapse recorders 

I know there's software you can use on a computer with a webcam but I'm not 
sure if they'll do sound, think they might


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  Hi List, 

  Does anyone know of or, possibly even have, such a device like either a CCTV 
type camera which monitors anyone going to your front door.  Also, as well as 
it taking a picture, would it record sound e.g. if someone unexpectedly was at 
your front door.  Finally, if there is such a thing available is it easy for 
visually impaired people to use e.g. one could rewind the tape and check for 
any audio etc. 

  Your responses would be gratefully appreciated. 



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