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  • From: John Ramm <john@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 14:35:25 +0000

Hi Sarah and I hope all goes well with your move.

I am totally blind myself and a long cane user. I use Apple Maps quite a bit and have found it pretty good whether I'm in the car or on foot.
It works in a fairly straightforward way:
First you search for the destination and you can use Siri if you want as in "Get walking directions to the Dog and Duck in Liverpool, or get walking directions to LL13 ..."
Next you confirm that the phone has understood by pressing the "Go" button
The phone will then start directing you to your destination using the Siri voice you have selected.

A couple of notes:
1) I recommend some bone conduction headphones for use with your phone. They sit on your cheeks just in front of your ears and the sound is conducted through your bones leaving your ears available for normal hearing duties.
2) As with any GPS system, you get directions but you must still stay very much in control of your own mobility and use all your normal stratigies to get around. The phone will tell you to turn right at the next roundabout for example, but it won't tell you that there are no crossings and that you need to use an underpass - that you have to find out or deduce for yourself.
3) Usually, at the bottom of your phone's screen, the app reports your current location so that you can find out where you are. Alternatively if you ask Siri "Where am I" Siri will tell you.
4) In maps your estimated arrival time is displayed along with the distance to your destination which can be helpful at times.
5) The first few moments of a route are very important. This is when you're not quite sure which direction you're supposed to start off in. Here the top of your screen is helpful as it reports the distance to the next turn and you should be able to monitor that distance to make sure it is going down as you walk. This should suggest that you're getting off to a good start.
Finally, Please always remember that any GPS product is only as good as the data it has. There will invariably be more around you than is ever reported to you so, just because the phone doesn't report something doesn't mean it's not there!

I do also sometimes use Soundscape which doesn't give directions as such, but reports intersections and the points of interest around you it knows which can be really useful.

As for Lazerillo, I have it on my phone but haven't used it much yet so can't report much about it.

I hope this helps a bit but please don't hesitate to ask any more questions that you have.

Talk soon, John

At 16:15 09/01/2019, you wrote:


I'm due to be moving to a brand new city within the next few months and so going to have to learn all sorts of new routes. I will be getting professional mobility training but I was also wondering on whehter or not any members use satnav apps on their iPhones to help navigate. I'm totally blind and use a long cane. I would ideally like turn-by-turn audio prompts on routes. I'm aware of the Ios Maps and Googlemaps apps but not sure how well they work in pedestrian mode as a blind user.

Any help greatfully received.



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