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  • Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 22:05:58 -0000

Hi Barbra
We've met on the Talks list.  I do not use Jaws though I do have a copy of it.  
Certainly the Supernova/Hal speech is excellent and by no means inferior on the 
NC10.  I am sure Jackie will tell you that Jaws is excellent sound quality.

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  Hi All

  I have newly subscribed to this list, though I think I know many current 
users from other lists.

  I have caught up on the netbook thread and am reading some very good reviews 
of the Samsung NC10. I am considering buying a netbook and was wondering if the 
JAWS or Window Eyes users out there could tell me what the audio quality is 
like on this device? I've read excellent reviews at Play.com, but none of them 
mention audio. I guess unless you are using it to play music, your average user 
isn't all that bothered about sound quality. However, there's nothing worse 
than listening to a screen reader through inferior, quiet or tiny speakers.

  So I'd read any feedback on the audio with great interest.



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