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  • Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 12:40:24 +0100

No Justin, its available for XP Pro, which I use, and I have downloaded it 
without problem.

Also, its worth mentioning that if you go to the SP2 advisory page who's URL 
I do not have to hand, there is a link which will check auto-update status 
and turn it on for you if it isn't already.

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From: "Justin R" <mypc128@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Graham,
I've got automatic updater enabled and, like you, I'm in the same position.
NOw, I'm guessing that SP2, although fully available, I doubt it's been
fully rolled out to all XP users as yet.

I'm using XP Pro and, i think SP2 isn't out for that version of XP yet.  I
think you will get your updates soon.

if you wanna check automatic updater's status, go into my computer, view
systems information.  go to automatic updates tab.  you'll notice three
radio buttons. if buttons one or two are checked, you've got it switched on

I think, it's still enabled as, ususally you have to disable it manually.

hope this helps,

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From: "Graham Smith" <graham.smith577@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi
> As far as I am aware I have windows update running.  I have received
> in the past automatically.
> I have not received  a notification to update to SP2 yet.  I am now
> beginning to wonder if my update is running, how can I check if it is
> enabled please, or do you think I might still get it automatically over
> next few days or whatever.
> Sorry to keep on about this one, I have been reading all the relevant
> messages but am still not sure on this one.
> I am running XP home with Jaws 5.1 and Norton antivirus 2004 up to date
> norton Firewall 2003 not up to date.
> Appreciate any help.
> Graham

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