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Personally I would continue to use your ISP SMTP server to send mail, and just 
receive mail using POP3 on the Yahoo side.  Messages can go out through your 
ISPs server with the Yahoo address as the mail from address as normal, it just 
doesn't go through Yahoo.  This will cause you no problem.

Have you paid them for POP3 access or something?


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As one possible solution to my on-going Yahoo groups problem i 
created a free Yahoo.co.uk account yesterday and have set it up to 
give POp3 access via my preferred e-mail client, Pegasus Mail.  This 
works well, but I cannot send mail by SMTp.  I get a "530 
Authentification Error" each time.  Pegasus Mail offers various 
authentification methods but none seems to work.    Yahoo Customer 
Support say that the problem lies with my ISP, but I have disproved 
this by installing Eudora which has just a single authentification On/off 
setting, and with this On outgoing mail is sent normally.  

Does anyone know what this 530 authentification is?  What information 
is it looking for?

Any help would be much appreciated.  I would switch all my Yahoo 
Groups to the new account except that at present  I could only reply to 
messages by using Eudora.


Douglas Harrison

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