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5th February 2016.

Hi Listers

Due to Hospital In Patient Treatment at the Beginning (February/March) and End (October, November, and December) of 2014 followed by three times a week Out Patients Dialysis throughout 2015 and still being undertaken so far (and foreseeable future) in 2016, I appear to have lost contact with the Association of Visually Impaired People (AVIP) formerly known as the Association of Visually Impaired Office Staff (AVIOS) - certainly, I cannot find any Record on my Computer of having renewed my Membership Subscription in 2014 or later.

In an effort to restore my contact with AVIP, at the End of December 2015, I subscribed to theAVIP Mailing List (AVIP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and whilst I received a 'Confirmation of being Subscribed' to the List, I have not received any Postings on the List and my Test Post did not appear either on the List. As a consequence I cannot contact the List to ask for Information on bringing my Membership back into being (my Contact Information for the Association is somewhat out of date). Accordingly, I shall be grateful if someone either through this List or direct to one of the above E-Mail Adresses would let me know the Name of the Chairman, Secretary, or Treasurer together with their E-Mail Address so that I can contact them and arrange to 'come back out of the cold'.

Any Help in this respect will be very much appreciated.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


** Until the Completion of the Changeover of my E-Mail Addresses is
complete, please respond to both my Dial Up (Demon) Account ("Keith
Rothwell" keith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and my Broadband (Zen) Account (Keith
Rothwell" keithrothwell@xxxxxxxxx)


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