[access-uk] Re: SD cards and physical disabilities

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  • Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 19:31:24 +0100

Carol, I've done some Googling on SD card holders and haven't come up
with much yet.  Will say though that this sort of thing might crop up
in phone and in-car accessories, or that's the impression I've drawn
from preliminary searching.  Makes sense too, as dropping an SD card
whilst on the move could be a problem with parallels to our own

I hope an enterprising dealer will see this thread and do some
research of their own.  Just might be worth contacting Hagger and one
or two other dealers selling portable players and the like to see what
they come up with.  Must say that, as a fairly soon to be owner of an
SD card player, I'd by maybe a handful of these things which make
these tiny SD cards easier to find around the house, and especially
out and about.

From Ray
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Carol Pearson

Thanks, Ray, for your thoughts.  I'm no expert but would have thought
there's really a bit more to hold with the CF;  but perhaps that is
counterbalanced by the fact that the SD card is less likely to suffer
if not
placed absolutely correctly to start with.

Anyway, I hope, Chris, that you find a solution and it all works well


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From: "Ray's Home" <rays-home@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Carol and others, this issue of the very smallness of SD cards came
> in the interview I did with the guy making the Vi-player who had
> sourced a plastic container attached to a lanyard to help people in
> situations who's handling ability was limited in holding and
> manipulating these postage stamp sized cards.
> If I can find out if these card holders can be bought  separatetly
> the net I'll let the list know.
> I'd end by saying that, if anything, where gripping and manoeuvring
> not an issue, SD cards are maybe a bit easier to insert than, say,
> cards, and no danger of multiple pins within host devices getting
> bent.
> Cheers,getting bent.
> From Ray
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> Carol Pearson
> They are pretty small and flimsey, to be honest, though very
> I
> guess, if you could ensure you have a table, so you have plenty of
> surface
> space should you drop the card, you may manage and then find you
> need
> the table;  but I wouldn't like to say for certain without having
> your
> difficulties first-hand.  Don't you have anyone who has one to show
> you, or
> a shop nearby that might help?  Failing this, I could find one to
> to
> you as a trial if you like.
> --
> Carol
> carol.pearson@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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> From: "Chris Hallsworth" <christopherhallsworth71@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Hi all,
>> Sorry for the cross posting, but I'm thinking of buying an SD card
> for my
>> BrailleNote mPower so that I can store Keysoft upgrades. However,
> besides
>> the point, since I have some physical disabilities, cerebral palsy
> to be
>> precise, that causes fine motor skill issues, how difficult are
> to
>> insert into one of these for me? This is the main reason why I was
> put off
>> buying these because, by the sound of it, they're so small that I
> at
>> high
>> risk of dropping or even losing them. Thanks in advance.
>> Chris Hallsworth
>> BrailleNote mPower user
>> Website: www.chrishallsworth.co.nr

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