[access-uk] Re: Returned Emails.

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Hi George

My local council has abuse protection software in place on incoming messages 
which is to protect the poor sensitive shrinking violets from the real world. 
That software sees my address, Virgin, as an attack and refuses to allow any 
messages from me to go through. This means I have to phone or use snail mail. 
Crazy or what?


Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once. 

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  Hi Mandy,

  RBL stands for "Real-time Spam Black List", though why Hammersmith would put 
you or your blueyonder domain on a blacklist is yet to be understood.

  That said, it may be that they have subscribed to an RBL service which has 
picked up that spam mail has been emanating from that domain.

  You friend should contact whoever looks after the e-mail system for the local 
authority and ask them if they have an RBL in place, and has blueyonder been 


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  For the past few days I've been trying to email a friend who works for 
Hammersmith Town hall and I've had her address in my contacts for years only 
now is there a problem.  She can email me those are fine but when I email her, 
regardless of whether I reply directly to one of her emails or whether I start 
a totally new topic:  my e-mails are returned to her.  This also happened to 
someone else I know who e-mails her regularly yet she says she's receiving 
email both privately and work variety.
  I never understand the jargon of these messages but it says something about 
my email not getting through because my server is in RBL any idea what this 
means?  I wondered whether she may have added me to a bloc senders list or 
whatever the Outlook equivalent is as she said one of my emails was in her 
deleted items the other day and she'd not even seen it.

  Whilst on subject of emails:  I sometimes receive every e-mail twice why 
might this be?


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