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It is a printing device which uses swell paper.

The swell paper is impregnated with little capsules of alcohol. The paper has a 
diagram, for example printed onto it firstwith black ink. As the paper moves 
through the printer, it passes past a very bright halogen light source; the 
heat is attracted to the black image on the paper, the alcohol swells up and 
produces a tactile image, of a graph for example. It can also be used for 
Braille printing. The printing costs are quite expensive, so not a cheap source 
of printing Braille, but very good for long lasting images.

Hope that is explained well enough.


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  I do not know what a zitchem fuser is Mike!
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    I hope this is within the boundary's of the list:

    I am requesting a Zychem fuser to give tactile representations of graphs, 
which I create. DSA are saying that it does not fall within their requirements 
of supply, and it is the responsibility of the University to provide all class 
material and handouts in a format I can access.

    My argument is that this is for my independant work at home and has in 
effect nothing to do with the University's duty to provide other materials.

    Can anyone advise please?



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