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Can I ask if this item was granted in the past, on your recommendation?


Please email me off list, so as not to block the list,



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  Hi Mike, I'm a DSA assessor at Southampton University's Wessex Needs 
Assessment Centre and have recommended this item in the past, but that was 
before SFE took over the world.  Your course website or handbook should give 
some sort of breakdown of the hours expected for private study and you can cite 
that in your case, and the assignment marking schemes include an element for 
evidence of wider reading than the handouts and the core booklist, again an 
element for your case - bearing in mind that you would be "placed at a 
significant disadvantage against your peers" if denied access to private study 
material - ultimately, if your assignment marks are lower, so will your degree 

  You might also like to argue that the alternative is to have a sighted 
support worker to describe material to you at a cost of somewhere between £15 
and 25 per hour to SFE - if you cost that out at say 2 hours/week over  a 
30-week academic year x the 3 or four years of[ your course and then add the 
other two arguments...

  As for the argument that the university should do all that is reasonable to 
put material in accessible format, that is certainly true, but they can't put 
the entire library in that format unfortunately, and you need to be able to 
follow ideas and avenues as your research develops, waiting for someone to 
transcribe/transform it destroys your freedom to follow those thoughts, and 
they aren't that expensive in the scheme of things.  

  The main weakness in your case would be if you have been provided with some 
other piece of kit that could be argued to be capable of representing graphical 
information.  My final point would be, your DSA needs assessor should be making 
this case to SFE for you if they are satisfied that you need the kit!

  All the best,
  Barry G

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    Subject: [access-uk] Request regarding DSA


    I hope this is within the boundary's of the list:

    I am requesting a Zychem fuser to give tactile representations of graphs, 
which I create. DSA are saying that it does not fall within their requirements 
of supply, and it is the responsibility of the University to provide all class 
material and handouts in a format I can access.

    My argument is that this is for my independant work at home and has in 
effect nothing to do with the University's duty to provide other materials.

    Can anyone advise please?



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