[access-uk] Re: Renewal of Nod 32 license

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 15:48:36 +0200

no, I haven't, Have you got it handy? Will put it in my reference folder if you 
have and hope I'll remember to look for it there if needed. Thanks in advance.
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  Have you tried calling the U.K. office?




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  Hi folks,

  Getting into all sorts of trouble trying to do this...Every time I try, I am 
automatically directed to the French site, the system there doesn't recognize 
my user name and password. When I force the system to go to the international 
download site, the same thing happens. I chose to ignore the problem on the 
French site and bought a license, they give me a key but after entering this, 
I'm asked for my user name and password and it is not recognized again. Managed 
to get my money back. Phoned the states who say that because of my geographic 
location, they can't help me. Then they mail me saying I've recently renewed my 
license say that my user name and password has not changed and give them to me 
as reference. The user name is right but the password is different. I try it on 
the site and it is not recognized. They say they do not issue any international 
license anymore and do not accept international debit/credit card for security 

  The French say they can't renew my license because my previous wasn't one 
bought in France.

  I cleared all history in IE in case it might make a difference but to no 

  Any thoughts or comments on what I should do, most welcomed.


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