[access-uk] Re: Recording audio described movies

  • From: "Stephen Green" <STEPHEN.TINA@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 12:44:42 -0000

Hi Paul

Answering your last question first; the slave units are about £60 plus 
postage of around £4. you need a slave unit for each multiplex you want to 
record simultaneously, but usually one slave is all that's needed as each 
unit will record multiple programmes simultaneously on the same multiplex. 
So, for example, if you want to record bbc1 and bbc2 at the same time, you 
only need one unit as they are both on the same multiplex. But if you want 
to record bbc1 and ITV at the same time, you need a master and a slave unit 
as they are broadcast on different multiplexes.

MP2 recordings made with digi TV can be played back using the software but 
it can't be played back with winamp for example as the original soundtrack 
is recorded on one channel and the audio description voice is put on a 
different channel and the two tracks are multiplexed and merged together 
when digi TV plays the file.

It is technically possible to demultiplex the sound tracks using the demux 
tool under the file menu.

This leaves you with two separate sound tracks which I suppose it would be 
possible to merge using a wav editor such as sound forge. But I've never 
tried this and I suspect the tracks may get slightly out of sync after a 

But if you want to try this you can re encode MP2 files as MP3 using CDEX. 
But once again CDEX will only work when the multiplexed sound tracks are 
split using the demux tool in digi TV.

I've found support at nebula to be excellent and they will guide you through 
the steps if you want to try it.

Finally, I would prefer to send you star wars on a cd rather than sending a 
100 mb file via the net, so if you email me off list with your address, I 
can get it in the post within  24 hours. Don't worry about the cost as I can 
send it articles for the blind.

Steve Green

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Subject: [access-uk] Recording audio described movies

Hi Stephe    I would like the first part of star Wars. MP2 is ok. Does 
anyone know of a way to take an mp2 file with audio description and convert 
it to mp3. If I try this with Soundforge or goldwave the audio description 
track doesn't play. Stephen, do you know how much slave units cost from 



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