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Hi George.
Even if you are entitled to an upgrade but it is past sunday it is still 
worth asking at your local shop.

There is fairly stiff competition these days between the networks and I get 
the impression that some of them at least are starting to realise the 
importance of holding on to customers, particularly if you have been with 
the company for a long time.  Obviously no one can guarantee anything but it 
is worth a shout.

The IPhone does it seems have some rather serious limitations however.  It 
can play music and be used for browsing web pages but  but I don't know if 
it can use push email like the blackberry.  More surprisingly still, the 
IPhone cannot be used to send and receive MMS messages though I believe the 
IPhone can display photos and vidios.  Over all, it does seem to have had 
some fairly poor press though it is said to be a good looking phone.


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I should have stressed here that the offer also only applies
if you are entitled to a phone upgrade anyway.  This in may
case was annually, though is now every 18 months.  Having
looked at the receipt, it seems the normal upgrade price
would be £150.



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If you read this after the Vodaphone shop closes on Sunday
(assuming yours opens Sunday) don't bother to read on.  You
could be upset.

I should also add that I can in no way whatsoever guarantee
you will be entitled to the same offer described below.

I've had a contract with Vodaphone for many years, paying
currently £11.91 (Ex VAT) a month.  I'm entitled to a phone
upgrade once a year, though usually my wife takes advantage
of that, passing on the new phone to her son in Denmark,
where mobile phones cost the absolute earth.

Anyway, I decided on the spur of the moment this afternoon
to see what an 8 GB Nokia N95 would set me back, so called
into my local Vodaphone shop in Northampton.

Surprise, surprise.  There is a special offer on for my
tariff, but only for today and tomorrow, which apparently is
to compete with O2 launching some IPod thing or another this

I did however have to commit to an 18 month contract, but
there was no change of monthly cost.

But they did give me a free pay as you go simcard.

Oh yes!  And the cost?  FREE!

(But remember, the offer ends when the shop closes on Sunday
11th November)


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