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Phil, I'd always recommend the N91 if you can get it.  Apart from the music 
features I've already gone into, the buttons on it are great, and it's got all 
the other capabilities you are looking for.

The N95 is also a nice phone and does have built-in GPS which my husband thinks 
is the bees knees.  But he has got Wayfinder Access running on it, and he finds 
it really good.  The N95 is a slightly smaller and more lightweight mobile than 
the N91, but its buttons are fine to use as well.

Good luck.  I'm sure others will join in with their preferences.  It depends 
what you want to spend and where you can get what you are after at a sensible 
price with good tariffs.


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  Whilst querying my latest o2 bill last night I discovered I will be out of 
contract as of the end of November and so it's that time again to do some 
shopping around re phones & tariff's etc.  the Tariff side of things I can look 
into myself but I was wondering if any of you good folk could give any comments 
/ recommendations on the latest Symbion  phones & talks vs smart phones with 
smart Hal.

  up until now I have had a Nokia with Talks and currently have an N70.  I am 
after a phone that can do the usual e.g. call, mms, contacts, bluetooht etc but 
I am also very interested in more business like features such as push-to-email, 
gps etc - a bit like a Nokia version of a Blackbury.

  Anyway I'm at the early stages right now but would appreciate any of you 
giving me info on what you use and why you like it.  A list of the current 
hadnsets that will take Talks would be useful too.

  Yours in anticipation,



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