[access-uk] Re: Real Player 11

  • From: "Negoslav Sabev" <negi4a@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 18:51:06 +0200

If you use winamp, there is  a plugIn to play mp4 files and there's no need to 
install another program.


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  Hi Everyone I would just like to share a piece of info with you. A couple of 
weeks ago I was having problems playing MP4 video files in Real Player because 
I needed to install Quick Time PLayer. I then went on to search for Quick Time 
and was surprised to find out that I had to pay for Quick Time 7.5. I then went 
on to find more info about this player and found out if you install I-tunes 8.0 
which is free to download the Quick Time player is part of the software as it 
installs itself along with I-tunes. My MP4 files play in Real Playewr now and 
it's a joy to see a MP4 file playing and the good picture quality that can be 
displayed on screen. So my message just gives you advice on installing ITunes 
8.0 if you want to view MP4 files. 

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