[access-uk] Re: Radio Downloader Hates Me

  • From: "Amro Bilal" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 16:24:35 -0000

Hi Rex,

Try downloading from


If still no good write back and I'll upload it on my dropbox or somewhere.

Few hints on Radio Downloader:

-Use your screen reader's virtual mouse

-Alt f to go to the find program page. When on this page alt w to start 
downloading a program, and alt u to subscribe to a program.

-Alt s to go to the subscriptions page. When on this page alt c to bring up 
available episodes of a program on the subscriptions  list.

-Alt a to go to the favourites page.

-Alt d to go to the downloads page.

All the above can be done using the virtual cursor but these hotkeys will make 
using the app a bit easier.

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  From: rex holmes 
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  Subject: [access-uk] Radio Downloader Hates Me

  I  cannot download Radio Downloader.
  I  googled it and found several sites  which offered me the download, but I  
can never get it.
  Is it me?
  I  promise you all I  do try before I  pop up with a  question.

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