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not available anymore though.
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  Can I just chip in here to say that if the RNIB boxes don't read channel 
names when you switch from one station to another, then the Netgem IPlayer is 
much more worth the money at £90, well at least that's what it cost when I 
bought one.
  Legend has it that on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 7:59 PM, Jackie Cairns 
  Hi Gang

  A few weeks ago, some members of this list were discussing a Logik Freeview 
box supporting Audio Description that they could purchase from Currys for 
£59.99.  Then, more recently, I thought I read here that RNIB were selling this 
same box for a bit more than that, around £70 I thought I saw.

  Well, in the latest issue of RNIB's Access IT mag, they are advertising two 
Freeview boxes, both supporting AD.  One is the TV-Onics MFR300 (product number 
TV02), costing £70.49.  The other is the TV-Onics MDR300 (product number TV01), 
costing £82.24).  The difference is that the more expensive of the two gives an 
audible bleep when you change channels, and a double audible bleep when AD is 

  Now for my question.  Is the Logik Freeview box also being sold by RNIB, or 
did I get it wrong, and the above devices from TV-Onics are additional Freeview 
products to their range?  I would happily ring Customer Services, but they 
don't always know the latest information, as they are often quick to point out.


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