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Wendy, there is actually a more serious issue about this if you think about it. 
 They aren't proof-reading their Braille material, and I can definitely vouch 
for it as I received someone else's Braille mail earlier this year which should 
never have got to me.  I really kicked off about it as I felt extremely 
embarrassed at being party to information that belonged to someone else.  It 
had been left on the embosser they told me, which is no excuse.  So it begs the 
question of who proof-reads what there these days.

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  I got my pocket calendar a while ago and didn't really look at it, but as you 
say, according to RNIB January 31st does not exist.  However, they did manage 
to start February on a Friday, so the Thursday is just missing.  Maybe they 
just ran out of dots, went to find some more and forgot where they left off!


  The stuff at the end is all about what RNIB can do for you in terms of 
products and advice.  Apparently they can even tell you about good nights out 
now.  Is there no end to how much RNIB will interfere in our private lives?





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  List, want a laugh?  This is very tongue in cheek too!


  A friend of mine has just received his pocket Braille calendar (product 
number BB10).  He has informed me that there are only 30 days in January 2008 
on it, so if you are about to rush out and buy one from Customer Services, 
perhaps you should ask RNIB to add the extra day in January, even though it's 
February that will get an extra date next year because it is a leap year.  


  The new pocket calendar apparently contains a lot of product info from RNIB 
too which has never been in it in the past.  I haven't got round to ordering 
mine yet, so I'll wait till we get the last day of January back!!



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