[access-uk] Re: RNIB and Sendero Group release GPS Solution.

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My first observation about this app.


First of all I have only just installed it and only plaied about with it for
a short time. I need to advise that I haven’t walked out and about with it
yet and only plaied about here at home. Hving said that, I must say that
although it definitely recognised my address, sadly it claims that there are
no near by places even though this is definitely not true. For example,
there is a pub, an off licence and a couple of shops all within about 5
minutes or less walking distance from here. It says that it partly uses
google maps and google maps certainly recognises those location, but this
app does not.


Also, in order to find friends near by it says that you have to log in to
facebook, but I don’t see anywhere with in this app an option to do so. So
how does one log in to fb with this app?


So, it’s hard to judje how good this app is, as I said,  it is disappointing
that it doesn’t recognise certain points of interest near by my flat, but as
I also mentioned, I haven’t walked about with it therefore I most certainly
didn’t fully test it.


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And for you Android guys, http://www.guidedots.org and it's free.


All the best





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Hi Everyone.


I am delighted to share with you this exciting news: RNIB and Sendero group
have launched a UK version of their iPhone navigation app previously
marketed to the US as the Seeing Eye GPS.  Click on the following link for
more information and to get your one month subscription for just £2.99:



All the best, Ibrahim.

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