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I've just been on the website about the campaign but can't see any mention of
Ms Bassey saying she'd rather be dead. There are issues with the RNIB, but I
don't think this is one of them. We do need more ECLO#s in Eye Clinics, and
many people who are new to sight loss do find it devastating. I remember when
I first went blind, I was bombarded by this that and the other when what I
really needed was someone who knew what I was going through.



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I am seriously considering boycotting what few RNIB products and services
use — chiefly the electronic newspaper service — in response to their
ad campaign. There has been an item on this at the end of today's edition
of WATO. Celebs including Barbara Windsor and Shirley Bassey are
talking about the idea of being told they're going blind. Bassey
that possibility as being "Devastating" and says she might as well be told
that she's going to die. Once again they have turned my impairment into
thing of terror and me into an object of pity and I've had enough of


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