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Same here.
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  hello, I found this as well. What is really going on?, Billy
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    RNIB spokesman on In Touch this evening said that where an existing 
    Talking Book Library member expresses an interest in Overdrive, they 
    will be invited to try out the service for a month.  That's not true - 
    not in my case anyway.

    Although I established that I was an existing member, the service 
    engaged in a bizarre exchange of emails relating to whether my local 
    authority pays for my subscription and, after my reporting back to the 
    RNIB, I was told that they were going to be talking with 'local 
    authorities' within the next few weeks.  They said nothing to me about 
    trying out Overdrive and nothing about what I could do next. They have 
    just left me hanging.

    What the hell is going on?


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