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  • Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 14:54:36 +0100

HI Joan,
    As I read the RNIB website, there is not the option of downloading the 
book, merely to make it available as an audio stream.  I assume this is to do 
with copywrite limitations.

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  I agree, Iain. In my case, the subscription to talking books is paid by the 
local authority so it would seem unnecessary to subscribe to the stream. I 
suppose eventually it would mean that you could keep the book once you were 
able to download it but there aren't too many books that you'd read again. A 
better idea would be to sell more Daisy books.

  Best wishes,

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    The only advantage I can see over Talking Book membership is that you can 
have access to the books instantly if you have a broadband connection. It's an 
interesting idea and it works well enough. However, I think it's worth making 
the point that it doesn't actually give us access to any more books than we 
currently have. This is surely what we want rather than another way of 
accessing the same material already available to us.

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      Just seen the message about the above.  I am wondering where this leaves 
the "talking book service", since from the sound of things you could basically 
get the same or better functionality by taking out a si

      Jamesngle subscription to the Bookstream Book club.

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