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Gena, thanks for your thoughts on Blind Young Things.  At least it
does not seem to be a sanitized, "aren't they marvelous" sort of
documentary. Think I'll watch the repeat at 10:00pm on Sunday.  Didn't
see it last night.


From Ray
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I don't know, compared with big brother it was good.  It showed that
VI =
people are human with the same growing pains.  Coming to terms with =
sight loss.  Being patronised for being able to walk down the road.  =
What is a meaningful relationship.  What damage is caused by what is =
supposed to be responsible significant adults.  Yes it was raw, but it
was the truth.  It is how life is for young VI people and how many of
the issues are the same as those for similar sighted people.

My criticism is of the stupid music overlay.=20


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I agree with you here Carol, My I think the programm was done for
entertainment and through the eyes of a tipical media reporter.
"Good" was promoted in the programm, fowl language, bad maners.  Guess
Hannah wasn't in the programm as she's a different type of person, one
wants to Achieve and Get on in life, Not quite how the media want to =
a VI person.

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Hi Chris,

OK, we heard the documentary here, though there was no sight in the =
house to
confirm anything.  There was the naration but, for some reason or
other, =
didn't get the audio description on Cable.  Anyway, after a while we
switched to digi-TV and got the audio which did improve things a

My honest view is that Channel 4 made a very poor programme, wasting a
of time and not getting sufficient background about courses and =
through to the public.  As I wrote last night, I object greatly to
phrase "Young blind things", as though they're a piece of rubbish!  I
it may be an expression that's very much "in" now, but I found it very
demeaning indeed to think of such folk in this way.

There were extra students around from time to time but of course I
have =
knowledge as to whether one of them was Hannah.  She was not mentioned
name, so far as I can recall.  Salina and Stacy were the prominent =

On a good note, I was pleased (and slightly amused) to discover that =
they at
least still use the word "Totals" at RNC.  That sure took me back!  =
didn't mention "The dims and visions" though.  Perhaps, in some ways,
as bad as the word "things", but we chose to call ourselves by those =
and that was the difference!

Well, forgive my rambles, Mr. Moderator.  I'll get off the computer
and =
back ready to keep good conduct tomorrow, promise!


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Subject: [access-uk] RNC documentary

> Hi all,
> Well the RNC documentary might have finished now. What did you think
> it? Did you see Hannah at all? I don't think she was on it, which =
> be disappointing, but I'm sure it was worth the watch anyway. Any
> comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
> Christopher Hallsworth
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