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  • From: David Griffith <daj.griffith@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2016 13:36:01 +0000

Years ago my sister complained that the BBC were missing a trik by not putting their Audio Described TV content out over the Radio.

Now a community driven project from the uSA has made this logical step.

Blindy TV is an internet radio service that some of you may already be familiar with but I thought I would highlight it for those who are not aware. Blindy TV has several channels.

The first is a Comedy channel, with many famous shows running, most of these are USA based like Frasier, but the BBC TV version of Red Dwarf is playing as I type this. If you are without sight it is an identical experience to listening on a TV with Audio Description turned on.
The second channel is called Drama, which is self explanatory.

The third channel is called Brain which focusses on Documentary content. You wil find some of the Attenborough BBC Nature programs here. Not absolutely every program is Audio Described here but these tend to be documentaries with narration which do not really require Audio Description to make sense.

The forth channel is called Sci Fi which again focusses on this genre of drama. It has an AD show called the Mentalist runnig as I type this.

The final channel is called ETC which as far as I can tell provides random content from a whole range of show genres.

You should be able to find the shows easily in your phone or tablet radio apps , and also the Victor Reader Stream has them in its database, but I have also posted a link to a sendspace zip file which contains feeds to all the channels. These can be played with Winamp Speak On and VLC on a PC an I know that they also play in VLC on a Mac, and most probably itunes as well if you want to use that program. Portable Players like the Pocket Plextalk will also play these stream.

Hope that some enjoy the content.

David Griffith
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