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Thanks, Tristram.  That's got it sorted.  Easy when you know how.


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With the phone face down slide off the battery cover, the camera lens and
flash are above the open battery compartment.  Take out the battery.  Once
the battery is removed feel along the left hand edge towards the top you
will find a small metal clasp.  Pull it gently to the right and you should
then unlock the door.  Then place the SIM card contact side down into the
slow.  The cuttoff one one side should key it.  Then replace the metal clasp
retainer and replace the battery and cover.


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From: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
Barry Hill
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Subject: [access-uk] Putting a sim card in an N95

Hi all

Can anyone tell me how to put a sim card in a Nokia N95 please? I've got the
back off and the battery out, but I can't find a place for the card.


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