[access-uk] Re: Printing on Labels

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 16:41:17 -0000

Hi Theresa,
You probably need to re-calibrate your printer, but I'm
afraid you will require sighted help for that.


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        Subject: [access-uk] Printing on Labels
        Hi All
        I'm using sheets of labels with 2 across and 7 down
- exactly the same as the L7163 set-up in Word.  My top
labels on each side end up in the right place, but as I go
further down the page, the text that should start at the top
of the label gradually comes further up on the previous
        I haven't altered any of the settings, and know I've
managed to print labels perfectly well before using this
        Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?
        Any help gratefully received.
        Theresa Hodge

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