[access-uk] Re: Powerpoint with Jaws 8?

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rather depends on what version of powerpoint but if you're on office 2003 or 
earlier then should be no problem at all - read the jaws help topic first 
though for some guidance as the issues you're likely to have aren't the 
accessibility of powerpoint but your own familiarity with an application that 
if you haven't used it before probably isn't like anything you've used before.  
basicly use the f6 keys to move between the onscreen panels, you create your 
slides in teh central panel. each slide is made up of a number of objects, move 
between object with the tab key, enter text in to each object in much the same 
way as you complete form fields on a web page, so - enter to go in, then type, 
and escape to come out. when you first enter an object any existing content is 
highlight so if you start typing you'll delete all that's already there, use 
arrow keys first to deselct.  add a new slide with control m (for mother) not 
control n, that opens a nw presentation.

choose slide layouts in the right hand payne.  the layout selecter is a table 
not a list so you'll need all 4 arrow keys to move around it - some of those 
items are section titles, not slide layots but jaws doesn't differentiate these 
as such so pay careful attention to what you hear.


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Does anyone know if powerpoint is accessible at all with Jaws 8?







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