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I HAVE an orange plan called virgin.  it is account at the end of each month, 
no charges at all the first three minutes of each day is charged at 15p and 5p 
per minute thereafter.  like you i am a low user, i lodged £20 in my account 
about 18 months ago.  i still have £11 remaining.
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      I wonder whether anyone on this list could advise me as to the besst pay 
as you go mobile phone tarrif?  The reason I ask is that earlier this year I 
paid £19 at Carphone Warehouse for a simcard and some credit.  I am an 
extremely light user and infact probably made a dozen calls or so but having 
not used tthe phone for a month or so, I found that I was not able to make any 
calls.  I will definitely not be going back to Carphone wherehouse. 

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