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Some providers have vouchers that expire after so many months of non-use. 
Do you know which provider type/name of pay as you go you were with.  There 
are certainly some that would do, Virgin Mobile springs to mind as one that 
is OK.  I gave my old Virgin Pay as you go (brought some four or more years 
ago) to a relative over two years ago who barely uses it but still works.


Tristram Llewellyn
Sight and Sound Technology
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    I wonder whether anyone on this list could advise me as to the besst pay 
as you go mobile phone tarrif?  The reason I ask is that earlier this year I 
paid £19 at Carphone Warehouse for a simcard and some credit.  I am an 
extremely light user and infact probably made a dozen calls or so but having 
not used tthe phone for a month or so, I found that I was not able to make 
any calls.  I will definitely not be going back to Carphone wherehouse. 

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