[access-uk] Re: Pop Ups Again,

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  • Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 17:38:06 +0100


To check that the Google toolbar is enabled, go to the view menu, explorer
bars in Internet Explorer, and arrow down, until you hear Google Toolbar.
If it says it is Checked, you are blocking popups.  If it is unchecked,
press enter on it to enable it.  If it is checked, press enter again to
switch it off, it you want to.

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  How do I know if it is on.

  I installed the google toolbar and was told it was on there.  Is there a
way I can ensure it is working properly.

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    Hi Sharon,
    I have found the Google pop-up blocker does the trick. It is a free
download.Ad-aware will not stop the pop-ups.
    Regards, Bruce
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      Sorry folks, still having problems with these damn things.

      I have run spybot and ad aware (with the help of a sighted friend),
and am still getting pop ups.

      Does anyone have any more suggestions.

      I'm using the pop up blocker on service pack 2, and have installed the
google toolbar, which I think also has a pop up blocker on.

      Should I go through my cookies, the trouble is I'm not sure what all
of them refer to.

      Any more help or suggestions gratefully received.

      Using windows XP SP2, Jaws 6.


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