[access-uk] Re: Poor quality of equipment?

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  • Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 18:17:12 +0100

Mike - sadly, I think the answer to your last question is yes--I never buy 
specialist stuff for the blind when I can find a suitable alternative, as in my 
experience, it is too often unreliable, doesn't last the test of time, and 
often feels too big and too ugly!

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  Hello all,

  This is not strictly computer related, but involves accessibility 

  Does anyone know of a good quality talking tape measure; other than the 
Cobalt one?

  I have two of these, and a year is about the most I can get out of both them, 
as they always end up giving spurious measurements- such as 2513 inches when 
the tape is fully retracted.

  Replacing the battery etc does no good.

  Do we have to put up with inferior quality materials every time?


  A disgruntled Mike 

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