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Hi Jackie

From a simplistic point of view, the I-Tel is good because although you have to 
connect a device to the iPod, the controls are very tactile and it is an easy 
to use menu system.  It also functions with iPods which can accommodate more 
than 16 GB which is the maximum storage capacity of a Nano.
But I have not spoken to anyone yet who likes the speech reproduction, and 
quite a number of the options available on the iPod Nano cannot be controlled 
by the i-Tel.  I was quite surprised when I started using the new Nano 4 gen 
how much I had previously been missing out on in the way of access to options.

I personally really like the Nano because I can have the voice of my choosing 
generated using the computer.

Steve, I take your point about not demonstrating podcasts.  But podcasts are 
displayed in just the same way as music and albums, and there would not have 
been much to be gained by demoing that.  There is always going to be something 
which is not going to be demonstrated in a podcast which someone wants (smile). 
 But people should have enough to get them started.  You will know from 
subscribing to my iPod mailing list, as I know you are, that we have discussed 
on there how you can get iPods to think they are playing audio books when you 
are really listening to podcasts, in order that you can vary the speed etc, and 
how files can be set so as to retain their position when you leave them. 

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  Hi Brian

  Purely out of interest then, which do you prefer, the I-Tell or the fourth 
generation Nano?  In simplistic usability terms, which do you think works best?

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  During this past weekend, I produced a podcast on the new Apple iPod Nano 4th 
generation which includes the ability for track/artist names and menu items to 
be spoken.  Previous episodes of the podcast also include a review of the i-Tel 
product from Cobolt Systems which connects to many of the iPod products to give 
speech prompts.

  So if you are not subscribed to our podcast, which previously has covered 
events such as Sight Village, it may well be worth subscribing to obtain these 
additional articles we have.

  You can either go to our blog at

  or you can subscribe direct to the podcast feed at

  Brian Hartgen

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