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MessageI went for the old Purstel but I'm not sure you can get it any more.  It 
has fm as well, which gets you reception when DAB doesn't work.  Not that 
impressed with it, but it is easier than many.


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  My brother has a pocket DAB radio and finds it doesn't work on a lot of 
trains.  And of course the thing with digital is that it's generally 'all or 
nothing', so if you are having signal problems you generally won't hear 
anything at all, so it's not as if you can get something that is just about 

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    Hi Mark,

    Most VIs I know have gone for the Ministry of sound DR011. However, the 
|Pure 1000 operates in almost exactly the same way.  But it's chunkier and 
takes three batteries instead of two although this gives extended battery life. 
 Neither of these models have telescopic aerials.  I've not seen the Roberts 
model.  As for your final question, Pure is planning to launch a pocket version 
of the Bug, with pause, rewind and ability to record to SD card.  My info is 
that they're not yet sure whether they would prioritise this for having the 
IVox speech put on it as they have to suss out the likely market. However, I 
know it is something they're thinking about.  

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers now.

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      As my Sony pocket radio has just given up the ghost, I'm looking to buy a 
pocket DAB radio to use on my daily train journeys to and from work. 

      I'm wondering whether anyone has experience of these. Which are the most 
accessible models, and how well do they work on modern trains. My experience 
suggests that some of the newer rolling-stock is less signal-freindly than the 
old 'slammers'.

      Does anyone also know whether Pure is planning to launch a talking pocket 
radio in the near future.

      Any advice appreciated.



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