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  • Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 15:38:27 -0000

Hi Steve,


Does it have stereo speakers?  Just curious.


All the best





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Barry and Vanja,


I've recently gotten one of the new E66 phones.  I totally love it!  Works
well with talks, it's really solid build with a metal case.  Admittedly it
could be said to be partially heavier than some other N series phones.  I
find though that of recent, the N phones are poorly built with a cheaper
plastic feel to them.  The E66 has built in GPS, Wifi and will take an HC
micro SD card up to about 16 GB.  I'ts nice and small, only about 13 mil
thick and has I'd say, probably one of the most firmest slides.  I've had it
now for 2 weeks and it hasn't slid open in my pocket.


Just my thoughts...




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