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HI Barry.

Well, it really depends on what you want to do on the phone and what your 
expecting.  I personally have an E71 which has everything I would need, plus it 
has the added benefit of a full qwerty keyboard which makes texting and 
emailing a breeze when I'm out and about.  Alternatively, the other phone a lot 
of blind people seem to like is the 6220 classic which has more multimedia 
features than the E71 including a better mp3 player, however the down side with 
that one is that there is no wireless function and thus no VOIP over WiFi or 
internet connectivity except through your network provider.  We're all waiting 
for the new version of talks which will probably bring support for new phones 
within our reach, but for now those are the choices that spring to mind.

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  Hi folks, 

  I am selling my n91 8GB.  It's a referb straight from a service centre with 
Talks so the buyer will get a good one.

  Is there any phones out there at the moment people are really in to?

  I was considering the N96 but heard some awful reports, same with the N97 
that's just out.

  The N82 is a possibility because of the fact it works with the KNFB software, 
which I might decide to buy down the line.  Thing is the n82 is becoming an 
older phone by the day.

  Allot of folks seem to be going on about the N95 8GB, but I'm somewhat 
reluctant as this is an older phone.

  I'm wondering whither to scrap S60 and go native with a Windows Mobile phone 
but what one?  I don't really want a PDA style phone with it's bulk and titchy 

  As you can see I'm really not sure what to go for at the moment.  I do like 
the N91's features and connectivity but want more.
  Any suggestions?

  Dj paddy

  Tell me and I will hear, show me and I will see,
  involve me and I will understand. 

  Chinese Proverb

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